We are thrilled to announce the kick-off of the 1st Preliminary Pitching Competition as part of the ongoing 2023 Ugwumba Enterprise Challenge! This marks a significant milestone in your entrepreneurial journey.

All participants in the UEC 2023 Cohort are required to submit their pitch videos to us via email at uec@ugwumbaleaders.org. Submissions will be accepted from November 02, 2023, to November 12, 2023, for assessments.

We urge all participants to adhere strictly to the instructions provided to ensure your submissions are complete and in line with the competition guidelines. Your creativity, innovation, and passion are key elements that will set you apart in this competition.

For the general public eager to witness the innovation and talent showcased by our participants, we invite you to watch both old and new pitch videos. These inspiring presentations are available for viewing on our YouTube channel at www.youtube.com/@ugwumbaleaders.

Best of luck to all participants!
We wish you the best of luck as you prepare and submit your pitch videos. Remember, this competition is not just a chance to showcase your ideas but also an opportunity to shine brightly in the entrepreneurial arena.

Stay tuned for further updates and exciting developments in the #UEC2023 journey. Together, let’s make this competition a memorable and impactful experience!

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